The OFT Holdings Finance, Corporate Affairs and Training teams believe that the financial and operational management functions in most corporations has changed significantly due to the major advances in technology and the rapid changes in the available investment landscapes. Time is Money......

Our Group has invested in centralized Financial, Commercial, Marketing, ICT and Legal support systems which are managed by an experienced OFT Holdings Management team is providing the relevant business assistance they require in order to avoid the all too familiar practices that lead to 70% of new business failures.

OFT Finance

OFT Finance supports our decision-making with accurate and impartial financial, commercial and trading feedback while updating our share and stakeholders accordingly.

The OFT Holdings Business Management and Finance divisions supports our members with services which include:

  • Professional Accounting Services
  • Financial Systems Management
  • MIS, Compliance, Banking and Treasury Functions
  • Supply chain and Procurement Management Systems
  • Business Administration and Management Systems
  • Currency and Physical Asset Management

Our terms of services and engagement allows for independent and impartial Audits that will reduce risk while ensuring controlled and sustainable growth in the countries that we operate in.


OFT Corporate Affairs

Our Group’s Management is committed to maintaining and adhering to the principles of good corporate governance, transparency, integrity, participation and accountability with regard to all of their dealings with our investors, clients, suppliers, shareholders, team members, employees and stakeholders with our Ethics policies being well publicized. OFT Corporate Affairs provides the following services and guidance:

  • Human Capital Development,
  • Corporate Health, & Wellness,
  • Safety management,
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Human Resource Administrative functions,
  • OFT Policy Management,
  • Recruitment and Talent Development.


OFT Legal Affairs

OFT's Legal Affairs are managed by a professional attorney and notary public who provides legal guidance and contractual risk management support.

We provide professional guidance, service and support in the following fields:  

  • Corporate Governance – Shareholders and Directors mattersCompany Registrations and Statutory documentation
  • Labour Law and Human Resources Management
  • Company law in South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya and Namibia
  • Corporate Business Contracts and Operational Agreements
  • General Guidance and Facilitation of Patents and Trademarks
  • Government and Municipal Tenders, Contracts and Legislation
  • Collections and Credit Control Mechanisms
  • Interpretation and Applicability of Statutes
  • Occupational Health and Safety Legislation – Applicability and Interpretation

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